A PLACE AT TABLE – The Human Legacy of Alex Sanders Continues

RedFaun Press is pleased to exclusively produce Jimahl diFiosa’s latest book “A Place at the Table – The Human Legacy of Alex Sanders Continues” . In this long awaited sequel to All the King’s Children – the Human Legacy of Alex Sanders, Jimahl diFiosa brings together 16 new Alexandrian initiates from around the world who share their life stories candidly, holding nothing back.

What is it like to be an initiate of one of the most respected branches of traditional witchcraft in the world today? What were the life circumstances that led each of them to this particular path? What challenges did they face on their journey? The tales derive from the UK, Poland, Brazil, Portugal, South Africa and the USA. The stories told will transport readers from the haunted streets of New Orleans, to the ancient cathedrals of Italy, to remote European forests, to “Witch City USA”, and back in time to stand with Wendy, one of the first initiates in Alex and Maxine’s London coven. The stories told are inspiring. But they are also harrowing. A few of them may be difficult to read. Life is not always easy. Magically minded folks are not exempt from difficulties and challenges. But what makes these interviews so powerful is not that the tellers are Alexandrian initiates or even witches at all, but because each story is unapologetically human and therefore relatable to all. Each tale speaks to the resilience of human spirit, to the spark of hope in each of us that, despite adversity, moves us ever forward into a world of light, love, magic and limitless possibilities - to our place at the table.


Christian Day, Alexandrian Priest and Author of The Witches’ Book of the Dead (Warlock Press, 2021)

“Jimahl DiFiosa’s A Place at the Table continues his important work as a chronicler of the legacy of Alex Sanders and the Alexandrian Tradition of Witchcraft with a collection of essays that raise the voices of those who continue to shine the light of this powerful path. I spent much of my magical life not knowing the secret flame veiled within the wisdom of initiatory Witchcraft, having not begun that journey until later in life, and Jimahl’s tireless efforts have helped unveil some of those mysteries and continue to inspire untold numbers of potential initiates to this great work. Whether you are a seeker of that flame, a longtime initiate, or simply curious about the hidden histories of modern Witchcraft, A Place at the Table belongs on your shelf!”

Maxine Sanders, co-founder of the Alexandrian Tradition of Witchcraft

“The seeker will benefit from the stories within these covers, the curious will find more than they anticipate, and the experienced will probably chuckle at the mention of Alex’s humour without which we would be rather dull witches.”

Brian Cain, Alexandrian High Priest and author of Initiation into Witchcraft.

“Today there are thousands of books about witchcraft. Countless videos on YouTube and TikTok, and an arsenal of pictures on social media ready to dazzle both new seekers and established practitioners. Each content creator or author is eager to grab for the microphone, get on stage, and define for the masses what they believe the Craft to be. It is indeed very rare today to encounter a book ready to serve, particularly one that embodies a foundational tradition such as Alexandrian.

Jimahl diFiosa’s new book, A Place at the Table, and its predecessor, All the King’s Children do just that, weaving together the stories and experiences of Alexandrian initiates. We are invited for a moment to peer into their unique experiences. From the historic to those who sit beneath the salt the spell is cast. In this book Jimahl continues to share the stories of our Priesthood. He weaves a tapestry of beauty, freedom and power that can always be found at the heart of our magic. This is a must have book for anyone interested in the subject of Initiatory Craft!”



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